Glycerin Purpose Soaps

Glycerin Purpose Soaps


CLEANSING: Use to cleanse the body of negativity and bad energy.

FAST LUCK: Used to bring Luck

GO AWAY EVIL: Used to remove evil.

HIGH JOHN: Use to overcome obstacles. Also can be used to help win a Court Case, Fast Luck, & Gambling Luck.

MR. MONEY: Powerful for money drawing

POMPEIA LOTION: When you are feeling tired using this soap will refresh and invigorate. When you are feeling stressed and agitated, it soothes. Also used to please the spirits.

PROSPERITY: Use daily for prosperity and wealth to come your way.

ROAD OPENER: Use to bring new opportunities your way.

SUCCESS: Use when you need success finding a job, winning some money or for help during a settlement case.

LOVE SPELL: Use before doing any love spells.

UNCROSSING: Use when you feel someone has crossed you up or put a spell on you.


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