Fishtail Selenite - Raw Crystal

Fishtail Selenite - Raw Crystal


Fishtail Selenite | Raw Clear Angel Wing Selenite Crystal | Calming, Cleansing; Stabilizes Emotions

If purchased, you will receive the exact fishtail selenite crystal that you see in the photographs.

Approximate Dimensions: 3 inches x 2 inches x .75 inch

In crystal healing, Angel Wings Selenite is the ideal crystal to place on the Soul Star, an energy center that sits above the Crown Chakra. The Soul Star is your quintessential integration point between the Cosmos and your Crystalline Matrix (Energetic Body’s & Physical Body). Your gifts, talents, past life memory’s and potential future reality’s are all held within this energy center, and it is here that your life review takes place when you die and your soul leaves the physical body.

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