Green Malachite - Polished Freeform

Green Malachite - Polished Freeform


Green Malachite Free Form - Polished | Protection against Negativity + Brings Luck | Money Drawing

By purchasing this item, you will receive the exact stone photographed.

The approximate dimensions of this stone are 3.25 inches x 2 inches x 1.5 inches.

Malachite has a great number of attributes that make it a wonderful stone to be used for metaphysical purposes, in particular its power to protect you from negative entities.
Its action to protect you from negative energies is one of its most powerful attributes, as it creates a strong barrier around you energetically.
It aids creativity, enhances the development of your intuition, and is a strong stone for the heart, both for the physical heart and to aid your healing emotionally.
This green stone has an impressive energy that is very effective for psychic protection. It is known to embody a powerful attribute that conceals your energy field from negative entities.

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