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"My name is Andrea, but most people know me as Fran, and I am the owner of Crystal + Craft. I started my business on Etsy in 2015, with the dream to provide the world with ethically sourced and hand-selected crystals and gemstones. Over time, this has blossomed into other metaphysical tools and kits. My business was inspired by my Mother’s store - Grandma’s Candle Shop. As I grew up, I watched her grow her business all on her own. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to follow in my Mother’s footsteps, and become an entrepreneur.


In 1978, Grandma’s Candle Shop first opened on Mulberry Street in Baltimore, Maryland by my Mother, Linda. She moved a few times over the years, to Park Avenue, then West Saratoga, then West Baltimore Street. Her final location was on West Saratoga Street, just a block down from her third store. She started the business with lucky numbers, spell kits, and voodoo dolls. Eventually, she carried herbs, crystals, books, and many other spiritual tools. It did not take long for her to evolve into what would be one of the best known metaphysical shops in Baltimore. After 42 years of being in Baltimore, it was time for her to pack up shop and become online only. We were so blessed this happened to be planned right before the pandemic. 


Once we started discussing the storefront closing and my Mom retiring, I knew that she wasn’t going to be able to have the online store forever. I came up with a plan for how we could combine our businesses, and thus Crystal and Craft were born. I have spent the last 6 years or so constantly researching and learning to gain as much knowledge as possible about the craft. I enjoy working with crystals and herbs the most, and have read countless books and spent many hours researching both medicinal and spiritual purposes. I love sharing my knowledge with others to help them in their journey in any way I can.


At the time I started my business, I was working full time as a dental office manager. During the last five years, I felt a constant pull to my own business. So, in March of 2020, I decided that it was time to quit my job and work on my business full time. I was blown away by the support of my community and felt uplifted into what would be my new normal. As 2020 passed, the anxiety of a pandemic was weighing heavy on me, which inspired me to push further. I found out how much the tools I provide can not only help myself but those around me. 


Although 2020 has been unprecedented and unpredictable, I am excited about the future! Finally seeing my dreams turning into reality is more than I can ask for. I hope to be able to continue to expand my business and form deeper ties within communities near and far."

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