Why are we not restocking white sage and palo santo?

White sage and palo santo are sacred plants that can be used as a smudging tool to cleanse one's space and/or item. It is traditionally utilized by Indigenous communities during rituals and other cultural celebrations. Due to the rise in its trend and overharvesting, the plants are now endangered. It took a very long time for Indigenous communities to be able to legally perform their cultural practices, which includes smudging. It became clear to us that restocking items that are sacred to marginalized communities and have been wildly appropriated is not what we stand for. 

Where are you donating the proceeds?

We have a limited supply of white sage and palo santo. Once sold out, we will not be restocking. All the proceeds will be donated to the Native American Heritage Association (NAHA). They are dedicated to serving Indigenious families in South Dakota who suffers from food insecurity and hunger.

What are some alternatives white sage and palo santo?

You can cleanse with almost anythingCrystals such as selenite and black tourmaline can be placed in a room to cleanse a space. Bells and singing bowls can also be used as a cleansing tool. If you are looking for something to burn to smoke cleanse, then incense and/or any bundles of herbs such as rosemary and eucalyptus are great substitutes. If there are any questions, please chat with us using the chat icon and we can help find the best alternative for you!