Gypsy Goddess Roll-on Oils

Gypsy Goddess Roll-on Oils


Gypsy Goddess Roll-Ons use bioelectric energy, the energy field of body, mind and spirit by combining Gemstones, Empowered Herbs, Resins and other Earthly Elements with Pure Essential oils. This amplified synergy of gemstone/plant vibrations enters into the physical body loosening karmic blocks that limit our potential, healing on both a physical and etheric level. Gypsy Goddess Roll-Ons draw the physical body up to access higher levels of information by working with the bodies' own crystalline dynamics communicating our intention to the crystal grid for direct connection to the universe.


APHRODISIAC: Helpful in overcoming sexual problems. Calms anger and transforms energy into positive feelings and sexual desire.

PROTECTION: Use when you feel stricken with negative karma and bad luck.

MEDITATION: Use on your temples for a deeper state of meditation.

DIVINE LOVE: Use to release fear and pain and find pure and luminous love within you.