Image Candles - Men + Women

Image Candles - Men + Women


These candles must be anointed before burning and identified with parchment paper(found in the Curio Section) or inscribing the information directly into the candle with a pin or nail. They are burned while praying over then 10-15min a day then buried after 7 consecutive days. You only need 1 of the suggested oils(found in the oil section)or you can look for an oil that better suits your situation.


Pink Man/Woman - Burn for success, anoint with success oil

Red Man/ Woman - Burn to draw a lover back, or to get a new lover. Anoint with love me oil, come to me oil or any of our many love oils we carry.

Black Man/Woman - Burn to Cross an enemy, or break up someone else's relationship or to cause harm. WARNING: anything you do negative could come back to you.

Green Man/Woman - Burn to get a specific person to give you money. Anoint with pay me oil. You can also burn for yourself to be prosperous and anoint with Money oil, showers of gold or any other of our many money oils.

White Man/Woman - Burn for healing, protection, or to overcome bad habits. Anoint with Rosemary oil, Healing oil or Frankincense & Myrrh oil.



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