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Santeria A Condensed Santeria Guide for Beginners

Santeria A Condensed Santeria Guide for Beginners

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The word “Santeria” is translated from the Spanish for “worship of saints”, though that translation alone doesn’t really paint an accurate picture of what Santeria is all about.

Not only does Santeria involve the worship of saints (called Orishas), but it is also a quest for enlightenment and kinship with God.

What makes Santeria so unique is the fact that it is a syncretic religion – it combines the beliefs and practices of several religions, primarily the African Yoruba religion with Roman Catholic elements mixed in. Santeria involves a great many rituals and ceremonies, all of which are personalized according to the individual’s destiny. If you are curious to learn more about this religion – and if you want to learn the truth behind the myths – this book is the perfect place for you to begin. Here you will find an overview of the Santeria religion and its history as well as information about its beliefs, practices, and rituals. By the time you finish this book you will have a thorough understanding of what Santeria is and how it is practiced. You may even decide to give it a try for yourself! A Brief Beginners Guide to Santeria History, Practices, Deities, Spells and Rituals

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