Sunset Aura Pendulum (Citrus Blossom Aura Quartz)

Sunset Aura Pendulum (Citrus Blossom Aura Quartz)


You will receive one faceted Sunset Aura Quartz crystal pendulum that has been intuitively selected for you.

The silver chain on these pendulums measures approximately 6.5 inches long and the stone itself is about 1.5-1.75 inches long.


With these Sunset Aura Quartz points, you can use that celestial inspiration to manifest a change of your own. As you meditate with your point, recognize what patterns are holding you back from transitioning into your dream reality. Setting the resolution to break that cycle will amplify your energy and usher in a glorious new day.

Made by treating Quartz crystal with Gold, this fusion not only creates a stunning spectrum of hues, it also brightens the aura with an impressive range of metaphysical properties.

Working with the high vibrational abilities of Quartz, and the energy conducting functions of Gold, Sunset Aura Quartz will have an intense effect on your energy. On it’s own, Quartz can program, cleanse and amplify energy. Used to set intentions, Quartz purifies and aligns the entire chakric field to bring manifestations into reality.Sunsets are the epitome of the beauty of transitions. They remind us that with endings come beginnings, and shifts can be wonderful things.