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Tea Ball Infuser 2" Stainless Steel

Tea Ball Infuser 2" Stainless Steel


You will receive one Tea Ball Infuser 2" Stainless Steel.


  • Please take out the soaked tea leaf after use, just flush tea ball infuser with water and keep dry after cleaning.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel, long lasting durability for a long time use. 
  • The attached hook and long chain on the tea strainer can be easily clasp on the edge of your teapot or cup for easy retrieval and removal when the tea is done steeping.
  • This tea ball is a sphere with a locking in the end, which ensure that they can keep the leaves inside and the tea seeps smoothly into the water.
  • The ultra-fine mesh ensures a particle free steeping, fine filtration. (Not Suitable For Ground Tea)
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