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The Joy of Drumming: Drums & Percussion Instruments from Around the World

The Joy of Drumming: Drums & Percussion Instruments from Around the World


If you think you're not musical, think again! Rhythm, the foundation of music, is all around and within us. In the womb, we began our experience of the world through the sounds of our mother's heartbeat and the cadence of her voice. Experiencing rhythm and movement is an essential part of healthy living, and Tom Klower shows you how to reconnect with this life-affirming energy. Within these pages you're sure to find at least one instrument that will get you resonating, and once you do, you can work with the simple exercises Klower presents to begin your journey into the world of drumming. "The Joy of Drumming" includes over 100 illustrations of different drums, gongs, and sound effect instruments, along with descriptions of how they are made, and basic playing techniques. From the most ancient instruments to the most modern inventions, from Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America, one of these instruments is sure to capture your imagination.

For more advanced drummers, Klower presents traditional rhythm patterns from Africa and South America, and music therapists will be inspired by the broad range of instruments he describes. His exercises can be performed by an individual as well as a group of people.

This book is an appeal for a rediscovery of the spiritual and physical healing potential of rhythmic sound, and for the importance of musical creativity in our daily lives. Klower discusses how different cultures from around the world have used percussion in their spiritual practices for healing and conflict resolution, in communication, and for maintaining a sense of freedom and integrity. Everyone has creative and musical potential, and can begin fulfilling their journey with this book!

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