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Escential Essences Incense Sticks

Escential Essences Incense Sticks


Essential Essence Incense Sticks

Hand made incense sticks, 16 long burning sticks in each package. All-natural ingredients.


ANGELIC VISIONS: Intuitive, ecstasy, purity, & mystic knowledge

DRAGONS BLOOD:  Protection, purification, Keeps away the Evil eye

ENERGY: Invigorating & stimulating

FRANKINCENSE + MYRRH: Consecration & Healing

LOVE: Opening the heart and fertility

PATCHOULI: Warm and sensual aphrodisiac, passion & relaxation

PROSPERITY: To bring success and well being to all that you do

PURIFICATION: Uplifting and cleansing

RED GINGER: Good fortune, wealth and riches.

SANDALWOOD: Meditation and concentration

VENUS ROSE: Love, affection and passion

AMBER FLAME: Burn for strength, courage, protection and success