Chakra Healing Kits

Chakra Healing Kits


Each kit contains one candle, one crystal, one dram of oil, and one pack of incense matches.
Each candle is scented using different essential oil fragrance blends. 
Each votive candle burns for approximately 12 - 15 hours. Please burn on a fire safe surface, preferably in a votive holder.
Pair this kit with our lava bead chakra bracelets, or selenite chakra charging plate for some extra chakra healing.

Crown Chakra: Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone, Crown Chakra Votive candle (scented with Frankincense + Olibanum), Incense Matches (Goddess of Egypt), Dram of Lavender Oil

Third Eye Chakra: Amethyst Tumbled Stone, Third Eye Chakra Votive candle (scented with Jasmine), Incense Matches (Jasmine), Dram of East Indian Patchouli Oil

Throat Chakra: Sodalite Tumbled Stone, Throat Chakra Votive candle (scented with Neroli), Incense Matches (Potpourri), Dram of Vanilla + East Indian Pathcouli oil blend

Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone, Heart Chakra Votive candle (scented with Rose), Incense Matches (Bayberry), Dram of Ylang Ylang Oil

Solar Plexus Chakra: Natural Citrine Tumbled Stone, Solar Plexus Chakra Votive candle (Lavender), Incense Matches (French Vanilla), Dram of Lemongrass Oil

Sacral/Base Chakra: Carnelian Tumbled Stone, Sacral Chakra Votive Candle (scented with Ylang Ylang), Incense Matches (Cinnamon), Dram of Vanilla Oil

Root Chakra: Red Jasper Tumbled Stone, Root Chakra Votive Candle (scented with Cedar), Incense Matches (Hollyberry), Dram of Rosemary Oil