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Gravel Root - For Luck & Love Magick + Help to Get a Job

Gravel Root - For Luck & Love Magick + Help to Get a Job


1 ounce bag

Considered good luck in America. Many gamblers carry parts of the plant on them for good luck. Root doctors say it grant control of job situations, such as getting a job or a raise. Burn on a charcoal along with cinnamon and dragon’s blood to increase luck and protect financial flow. Brew gravel root into a tea and bathe with it before interviews. Use for healing and letting go of past anger and forgiveness. Other spiritual properties include a correspondence to the Eight of Cups in the Tarot. The flower essence helps those who are lonely or anxious over relationships. Ruled by Saturn and associates with the element of earth.


The information provided is obtained from various herb books and word of mouth sources. No information is intended for medical purposes nor are any claims made as to replace traditional medicine. No claims can be made for the magical purposes.This is just a guideline, for more information please purchace a reputable herb book or check your source before attempting to use these herbs. If ever in doubt about using herbs for healing, consult your doctor before use. 

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