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How to make a Money Bowl for Prosperity, Wealth & Abundance

A money bowl is a great way to bring money or abundance into your home or business. It is so simple and anyone can do it!

Items you will need

1) A container of your choice. Extra points if it is Copper, Gold or Green.

2) Herbs, such as Basil, Bay Leaves and Cinnamon. Other herbs you can use include Anise, Ginger, Parsley, Pine Chamomile, Mint & Jasmine.

3) Crystals, such as Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, or Tiger's Eye.

4) Money, Coins, or anything that symbolizes money, luck, wealth, etc.

5) Magic Marker

6) Incense, or cleansing method of your choice.

7) Salt or Sand to line the bottom of your dish.

Remember, these are just suggestions for a base line you can follow. Feel free to make it your own, and always use your intuition to do what feels right for you.

  1. After gathering all of your items, ensure your bowl is clean, then use your incense to cleanse. (Or method of your choice)

  2. Write your wishes on the bay leaves - it can be as simple as one word, or an affirmation. You can also write the exact amount of money to wish to attract.

  3. As you place each item in the bowl, repeat your intention in your mind. Start with the salt and then the rest of your items.

  4. Put your bowl in a safe place, near your front door, or in your work space.

  5. Every few days, or whenever you feel called to - add more to your bowl. It can be money, herbs, crystals, etc, or anything you feel pulled to.

  6. If you no longer want your money bowl, or want to totally re-do it, take out your coins, crystals and charms, and return all the natural elements of herbs and resins etc to the earth.

  7. If your Money Bowl worked well for you - you may consider it keeping it as is, or until the money flow stops.

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Do you need to charge the crystals after you've made the money bowl?

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