Orange Selenite Pendulum

Orange Selenite Pendulum


You will receive one Peach/Orange Selenite faceted pendulum that has been intuitively selected for you. The silver chain on these pendulums measures 6.5-7 inches long and has a small tumbled clear quartz stone at the end. The selenite stone itself measures approximately 1.5 inches long.


Peach Selenite - a stone of emotional transformation, is ideal for drawing out issues of abandonment, rejection, alienation or betrayal. It is a karmic cleanser offering healing, forgiveness and acceptance, no matter in what timeframe these issues have occurred. Connected to Persephone, Greek Queen of the Underworld, Peach Selenite shines light into dark places helping one understand one’s inner processes and to accept the hidden self. It is particularly inspiring for women celebrating rites of passage, such as puberty, childbirth or menopause, to reconnect to the wise feminine divine power.

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