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Color Magick

Color Magick is a simple and fun way to switch up your spells, rituals and ceremonies. From clothing, to jewelry, and candles, to crystals, once you are familiar with the colors, what they mean, and how to harness their powers, you will be ready to make some Magick!

Each color corresponds with a different meaning. For example; if you are looking to create a protection spell, you may incorporate the color black into your workings. I most often use color magick in my workings with candles and crystals, but you can find other ways to incorporate colors into your life.


Here is a list of each color and their magickal correspondences:

RED: Love, Passion, Seduction + Leadership

PINK: Self-Love, Nurturing, Relationships

ORANGE: Inspiration, Joy, Friendship + Dreams

YELLOW: Unity, Success, Clarity, Inspiration

GREEN: Abundance, Growth, Prosperity + Money

BLUE: Peace, Calm, Protection + Harmony

PURPLE: Intuition, Royalty, Justice + Power

BLACK: Protection, Uncrossing, Safety + Adversity

WHITE: Cleansing, Purifying, Peace + Truth

GREY/SILVER: Overcome Evil, Clarity, Meditation

GOLD: Wealth, Luck, Money, Happiness


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