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Cleansing Crystals 101

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Cleansing your crystals is a great way to remove any negative energies and restore the stone to its natural state. You can cleanse your crystals as frequently as you'd like, but we recommend cleansing any crystals that are new to you, or anytime you are looking to set new intentions.

Here are a few of our favorite methods for cleansing crystals:

SMOKE: Use the smoke of an herb bundle or incense to cleanse your crystals by waving the stone through the smoke. We carry a wide variety of smoke bundles, but you can also use incense smoke to cleanse if you choose to do so.

WATER: Most crystals can be cleansed using running water. Please see our blog about water cleansing for more information on how to safely use water to cleanse crystals.

SALT: Lay your crystals in a bed of Himalayan pink salt to cleanse and recharge your crystals.

SOUND: You can use bells or singing bowls around your crystals to cleanse them using sound.

SUNLIGHT/MOONLIGHT: Place your crystals under the light of the Moon or the Sun to cleanse your crystals, you can leave them for 10-12 hours.

SELENITE: If you have any Selenite(Satin Spar) handy, you can use this stone to cleanse other crystals. Place your crystals on top of or near your Selenite. Shop our Selenite charging plates below!

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