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How To Use Your Crystals 101

If you are new to learning about crystals and all of their magickal properties, this post is for you!

We receive messages almost daily, asking us the best way for you to use your crystals in your personal practice. And to put it simply, there is no “right way” to work with crystals. Using crystals, like any other tool, relies on your personal practices and preferences. Here we will outline a few of our favorite ways to incorporate crystals into our practice. Feel free to try any (or all!) of the below suggestions, and then decide which you like best. Remember that your personal practice is going to change and grow, so the way you use your crystals can change as well.


Hold your crystals during meditation, or even place them around the tub during your self-care cleansing bath. You can even take them with you to your next yoga class and place them at the top of your mat!


Wearing your crystals is as easy as putting a crystal in your pocket (or bra, if you wear one!) You can also wear crystal necklaces, bracelets, and rings.


Placing your crystals in your home or workplace can help to absorb negative energies and create a beautiful space for you. Keeping protective crystals in your car can be especially useful in protecting you and your passengers while on the road. If you work in an environment that is toxic or draining, try a combination of Fluorite and Hematite on your desk.


There are many crystals that are helpful for restful sleep, as well as astral projection. You can place crystals in or under your pillowcase, or on your nightstand. Create a blend of lavender and mugwort with an Amethyst crystal in a cheesecloth bag to enhance your rest.


Crystals and plants go together like peas and carrots! There are even some crystals, like Moss Agate that can be used to help plants grow. Remember: not all crystals can go in plants! You want to make sure the crystal is not water-soluble or toxic before placing it on the soil of your houseplants. You can also place your crystal next to your plant if you are unsure.


If you have an altar or sacred space in your home, you may use your crystals to adorn your area. Many use crystals as offerings to their deities as well.

In our next post, we will be talking about cleansing and charging your crystals. Stay tuned and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for shop updates, we promise to never spam you.

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